Leave the Girl Alone!

So, I said I was not going to post on here but I dunno. Noone reads my main journal ever since I moved it over here. So I will post about my current issue.

Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer

By the virtue of being a father to a four year old girl and by being a teacher for Sunday School kids that are no more than 4 years old, I am quite familiar with Dora the Explorer. Hate her or love her, you can’t argue that the kids love her. To argue more of her case, she is a good role model who treats everyone with respect, she is a strong female character and is iconic for her desire to find things.

It is almost a nightly ritual for our daughter to watch Dora while she is eating her dinner. The way I see it, I would much rather have her eat and watch TV than for her to not eat at all (she usually won’t eat if we are sitting down at a table unless forced). After that, she watches Go Diego Go which is Dora’s cousin. I have started to learn and enjoy singing the songs such as “Come on vamanos! Everybody let’s go!” and “We did it! We did it! We did it yeah!” (imagine her and boots grooving the charleston almost). Plus, you can’t really talk bad about her show because she actually teaches the kids things that aren’t a bad idea to learn and she really has not obvious negative traits.

One thing of most import to consider now, is that Dora has been around for 9 years and had several followers who watched her from when they couldn’t talk to a few years past when it was not cool to watch a “cartoon” and who will still watch it when their friends are not looking. The original fans of Dora have grown up and become what I feel is the creepiest time frame ever – tween. Most creepy are the late blooming 12 year olds who have obvious upper body growth yet still wear no bra and act like children but want to be treated like teenagers.

So when Viacom decided that they wanted to find yet another ay to make money, they had to figure out which project they would like to consider. In their infinite wisdom, they asked for Mattell’s advice, famous for making the infamous Barbie dolls. After much consideration, the two companies decided they would completely destroy a good thing and create a “tween Dora.”

Tweenie trendy Dora

Tweenie trendy Dora

Now, in its defense, this Dora does not look like a sex toy such as the various Bratz dolls, but let’s take a look at some things. Notice that she is now wearing ballet slippers instead of her sneakers and yellow socks with lace. She has a trendy dress that was not popular until 2004 and will likely not be popular in 2010. She has lost her famous backpack and where, oh where, is our beloved friend Boots? Did this vacuuous attempt at “revivng” a series that is still making double digit billions as it is seem to be the best thing for the company. We have taken an iconic person from our history (one of few cultural icons from America still left), destroyed everything she stood for, and wasted time and effort on a show that will not do very well. Way to go Viacom! As If I didn’t hate you enough, this will not help your case very much.,

Why, oh why, did you mess with her? Once your idea fails then perhaps you will start making good choices and trying to create new stuff insetad of tyring to warm up cooling food.

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