Who am I speaking to?

I have never been really good at filling out these things and often they seem to detract from the interest a blog might generate. So, in order to properly fill this out without being boring or droll, I shall say some primary points…

  • I am a Christian but not one who thumps with holy books, rather one whose purpose is to live for and to love others in hopes of speaking to them.
  • I am a married man who lives and loves in Oklahoma and soon-to-be foster parent.
  • I am paid to be a computer nerd for the defense industry…I didn’t sell out, I bought in.
  • I often enjoy a good video game, tabletop role play or interesting discussion.
  • I listen to so many different music styles that you might think I have Multiple Personality Disorder…the psychologist says I don’t! However, I like everything from Classical to Thrash Metal only stepping by “tear in my beer” country and “I shot my b$#ch up!” rap.
  • I find love and pleasure in engaging in activities with my close friends, many with a relationship I have forged through fire and flames for nearly a decade or more.

But despite all these things, I ask that you never label me. A silver soul should never be one who must carry an image. Instead, I carry a light that I wish to show.

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