Leave the Girl Alone!

So, I said I was not going to post on here but I dunno. Noone reads my main journal ever since I moved it over here. So I will post about my current issue.

Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer

By the virtue of being a father to a four year old girl and by being a teacher for Sunday School kids that are no more than 4 years old, I am quite familiar with Dora the Explorer. Hate her or love her, you can’t argue that the kids love her. To argue more of her case, she is a good role model who treats everyone with respect, she is a strong female character and is iconic for her desire to find things.

It is almost a nightly ritual for our daughter to watch Dora while she is eating her dinner. The way I see it, I would much rather have her eat and watch TV than for her to not eat at all (she usually won’t eat if we are sitting down at a table unless forced). After that, she watches Go Diego Go which is Dora’s cousin. I have started to learn and enjoy singing the songs such as “Come on vamanos! Everybody let’s go!” and “We did it! We did it! We did it yeah!” (imagine her and boots grooving the charleston almost). Plus, you can’t really talk bad about her show because she actually teaches the kids things that aren’t a bad idea to learn and she really has not obvious negative traits.

One thing of most import to consider now, is that Dora has been around for 9 years and had several followers who watched her from when they couldn’t talk to a few years past when it was not cool to watch a “cartoon” and who will still watch it when their friends are not looking. The original fans of Dora have grown up and become what I feel is the creepiest time frame ever – tween. Most creepy are the late blooming 12 year olds who have obvious upper body growth yet still wear no bra and act like children but want to be treated like teenagers.

So when Viacom decided that they wanted to find yet another ay to make money, they had to figure out which project they would like to consider. In their infinite wisdom, they asked for Mattell’s advice, famous for making the infamous Barbie dolls. After much consideration, the two companies decided they would completely destroy a good thing and create a “tween Dora.”

Tweenie trendy Dora

Tweenie trendy Dora

Now, in its defense, this Dora does not look like a sex toy such as the various Bratz dolls, but let’s take a look at some things. Notice that she is now wearing ballet slippers instead of her sneakers and yellow socks with lace. She has a trendy dress that was not popular until 2004 and will likely not be popular in 2010. She has lost her famous backpack and where, oh where, is our beloved friend Boots? Did this vacuuous attempt at “revivng” a series that is still making double digit billions as it is seem to be the best thing for the company. We have taken an iconic person from our history (one of few cultural icons from America still left), destroyed everything she stood for, and wasted time and effort on a show that will not do very well. Way to go Viacom! As If I didn’t hate you enough, this will not help your case very much.,

Why, oh why, did you mess with her? Once your idea fails then perhaps you will start making good choices and trying to create new stuff insetad of tyring to warm up cooling food.

This…makes me ill

‘Secret worshippers’ critique churches

This just makes me ill… if you read this article, you will see that evidently church is becoming more commercial than faith-based.

Since when did one pick a church based on whether or not there were faded lines in the parking spots or there was a bucket under the sink? Seriously! If you are looking for a church based on trivial things such as if there is a little dirt on the carpet… YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE WRONG REASON! Now, I can understand the friendliness issue, I certainly find it hard to enjoy a church if I feel unwelcome when I visit but if the greeter doesn’t smile a certain way, it isn’t going to make me think the church is a failure.

The fact that this man is an Oklahoman and former pastor who is selling his services to churches shows that he is more interested in profit of the world rather than profit of heaven. If you need focus groups to determine why a church is losing members, it is becoming too commercialized. You need to pray and seek God A LOT more than you are currently. If the doors are open, let God send the people to the church instead of marketing it.

WTF? – ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break

What the fuck? Seriously…you need to read this. I didn’t actually believe it until I read it. ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break.

Umm…if you sit on a toilet seat for over 2 years, so much that your skin grows around the seat and your leg muscles have atrophied…that is pretty fucked up. I don’t know HOW this woman didn’t die or how come no one reported it. The boyfriend seems to be a nice guy…he brought her food and asked her to come out and she wouldn’t.

My only recourse? ONLY IN AMERICA.

Mobile Microwave Turns Your Car Into a Kitchen – Switched

Mobile Microwave Turns Your Car Into a Kitchen – Switched.

You guys should read this….seriously!

Are you freaking kidding me? I already have to worry about idiots who can’t drink their mocha, do their makeup, and text their internet lover all while driving and now THIS? How lazy is our population? Good lord people, get up a little earlier!

I mean, I could see this being a good use for say, a trucker or for someone with one of those 3 hour commutes (psstt…move closer to your job) but what’s next? Are we going to have a toilet button that lets us pee or poop while driving?


I find it extremely tragic that I feel like I should make a song and put it on my band page at MySpace but can’t think of a damn thing to write over. Used to, I could write songs easy, just pick up the guitar and go to town, never missing a beat. Yet, now when I try to play my guitar, I can play all the old stuff that I used to play but everything I try to play that is different ends up sounding just the same. It’s like I am in a room and I don’t know where the door is. I don’t know what exactly I am supposed to do about this and it bothers me. Sleep might be a good idea.

Don’t worry, it’s not REALLY tragic but it is good to spit out my thought.

Do you believe in Hell?

When I was on an Instant Messenger with a few of my friends the other night, the topic somehow came to spirituality. One of my friends, the instigator of the conversations is a Christian by belief but not practice, the other is a friend who is a proud Pagan, and the final was one who can best be described as a spiritual intelligentsia, he has no direct faith in any one religion but believes a piecemail almost pluralist approach.

The instigator wanted to know what my church’s opinion was on Hell and the damned. I took quite some time to think about it but soon realized that my church doesn’t really refer to much about Hell, they aren’t telling you how if you drink an alcoholic beverage you will burn in Hell or anything of the sort. Rather, my church concentrates on living a surrendered life here on Earth to serving Christ and showing his love to others.

This was not an acceptable answer to my friend with questions so he finally asked what my belief was on Hell. I was raised in my early years in a strict Free Will Baptist home which does preach of fire and brimstone but later resolved to a more liberal Baptist church. In my mid-teens I gave up on religion almost completely but never lost faith in God as a whole. I simply thought their must be other gods too and that all Christians were judgmental bigots. At one time, I went to a Unitarian church with my brother but never really found much of interest there. It wasn’t until I finally had to look at losing everything in this world in a single sweep that I began to really believe in God’s power and the love of Christ. Now, I serve in a wonderful church that is not judgmental nor overbearing.

That aside, I basically explained to this friend that I felt that one must truly believe in God, acknowledge Him, and believe in Christ. Humans, as a whole, could never live up to the impossible standards that God has set for those to be like him so therefore, he sent his only son, Jesus, to earth to die for our sins. Now, we can have made every mistake in the books but because of Jesus, God does not see our sin as black and white, rather, he sees  his son between us who mediates for us. Why is this and what does it mean really? I can’t answer that, but if God is small enough to be understood, he is not powerful enough to be worshiped.

So then, what is my belief in Hell? I never got to tell my friend but as I was gently dealing with loss of my grandmother who passed only an hour to the time this was written, I thought about the fact that she is in Heaven simply because she believed in Christ. Is there a lake of fire where sinners are cast? I do not know this and no human should try to prove this. Rather, one who either has never heard the word of God and thus can’t be seen as flawless through Jesus or one who once believed in God but then denied him or denied Christ, they will be separated from God. Hell, is the separation from God. Hell is knowing that when you die, that’s it…there is nothing else for you…you will never know true life because you didn’t put your faith in God. To be damned is to be cursed to not have eternal life. Whereas, one who believes and worships Christ and God, they will be seen as flawless in God’s eyes and when the Lord takes them, they will go to live with him forever. More than this…I can never say I know for sure.

What about the Devil then? Isn’t he here on earth trying to take you away with his army of demons. Yes. Is he someone you can see who looks like a red horned man, I certainly hope you can’t ever know the face of the Devil. I believe that it is his power to try to draw us away from God, to make us turn our backs and lose that chance at a life. Does he have a place he takes you that is full of fire and brimstone? I don’t know that. I can’t know that. I just know that if I don’t believe in God and I don’t have faith, I might find out.

I can’t tell you if there’s Heaven or Hell, but I can tell you that one who believes in God and has surrendered their life to his will through belief in Christ and following as directed will know a life more blessed than otherwise. Since I gave up always trying to please myself and have learned to listen for God’s will in my life (albeit not as often as I should), I really feel like my life is just blessed. I have been given so many blessings for someone my age and I do try my best to use those blessings for good. I have a wonderful job that I gain income to allow me to give the best life I can to my wife, I offer things to my friends (pizza, rides, a place to sleep and many other things) that come at expense to me but I wouldn’t see doing otherwise since God has blessed me with more funds than others through nothing more than me following his will (He really did lead me to my job). I have a heart of compassion for children but have none of my own. I could be bitter with God for not giving me some children but instead, I have embraced the idea when he has called me to do foster work, giving love to children who have the hardest lives at such a tender age. He has blessed me with the ability to understand others moreso than myself sometimes and I have offered many a good advice to those who asked.

With all these things, my life has been truly enriched. Not to mention the laughter, the love, the peace and soundness that knowing I have a friend so much more powerful than I could ever imagine who will do as I asked if it is his will…allowing me to do more than I ever thought possible. That is a blessing. I could see how one who does not have that peace and who has never opened their hearts to the power of God could feel like their life is a living Hell. I certainly view what I used to have as Hell.

So, that’s my belief. It may not say anything backed up by scientific facts and may seem rooted in old time religion, but that’s what I believe. If you want to ask me about this, I will tell you how you get this kind of relationship. If you don’t, I hope you at least understand where I come from. And if this touched you, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I like knowing that my words are read.

Pill Popping

I am very concerned about our youth today after a quick browse on Yahoo Answers. See…I am taking Adderall now for my ADD and was curious about what some experiences others had when using it and what side-effects they may have reported. I did a search for “side effects of Adderall XR” on Yahoo Answers. I found hundreds of questions that went something like this: “My friend gave me an Adderall so I could stay awake in Algebra but now I want to take a codine to calm myself down, will this hurt me?” or a question like “How can I get a prescription for Adderall without going to the doctor? I love how hyper I get when I use them”.

What THE FUCK? Where are you parents? All of these articles are clearly written by pill popping high schoolers. I never had any idea that our kids were using so many pills with such an utter lack of concern for the drug habits formed from using FUCKING AMPHETAMINES!

What is the world coming to now?

A Letdown

Just got done looking at some announcements on GaiaOnline and it seems that after intense thought and meditation that they have decided to call their MMORPG or battle system zOMG!. That means fail. What a wonderful name for retarded children playing with swords that will soon turn into a porn room. I used to really like Gaia…but that is just…eh.

One is not like the other

I talked for many years about how much I wanted to leave Oklahoma and move outside of my little part of the world. But, for some reason I tend to like places that look just like my homeland does. Also, it only makes sense that we are actually able to move after we have made obligations that require us to be in Oklahoma.

Naming People

I just recently did some thinking and noticed a strange thing. I know 4 people named Jason relatively well and 3 of them are gay. I am not a homophobe but it makes me wonder if the name has any increased chance of belonging to one who swings the other way. Granted, my demographic is a very narrow one but I do not think I am any more exposed to this circle of people any more than the average joe and yet I have this kind of concentration. Perhaps further psychological investigation is warranted! 🙂

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