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I find it extremely tragic that I feel like I should make a song and put it on my band page at MySpace but can’t think of a damn thing to write over. Used to, I could write songs easy, just pick up the guitar and go to town, never missing a beat. Yet, now when I try to play my guitar, I can play all the old stuff that I used to play but everything I try to play that is different ends up sounding just the same. It’s like I am in a room and I don’t know where the door is. I don’t know what exactly I am supposed to do about this and it bothers me. Sleep might be a good idea.

Don’t worry, it’s not REALLY tragic but it is good to spit out my thought.

Pill Popping

I am very concerned about our youth today after a quick browse on Yahoo Answers. See…I am taking Adderall now for my ADD and was curious about what some experiences others had when using it and what side-effects they may have reported. I did a search for “side effects of Adderall XR” on Yahoo Answers. I found hundreds of questions that went something like this: “My friend gave me an Adderall so I could stay awake in Algebra but now I want to take a codine to calm myself down, will this hurt me?” or a question like “How can I get a prescription for Adderall without going to the doctor? I love how hyper I get when I use them”.

What THE FUCK? Where are you parents? All of these articles are clearly written by pill popping high schoolers. I never had any idea that our kids were using so many pills with such an utter lack of concern for the drug habits formed from using FUCKING AMPHETAMINES!

What is the world coming to now?