Useful Links

As any person who has been on the internet for a while will attest to, there are often places they frequent to occupy themselves or gather information. With this in mind, I have collected a list of places you might find me or you might find interesting.

  • Darkseas Guild at Gaia Online – This is a place where I like to RP when time permits.
  • Aykon’s Photos – I like to travel alot and I like to take pictures of friends and family having fun and sometimes I just takes pictures of things I find artistic. All of those have been compiled to this site and I will give you a temporary login if you want it. You WILL NOT find my pics on MySpace, FaceBook, FlickR or anything else, I like keeping those things to myself.
  • The Council Message Board – My friends and I have done our best to stay in touch for many years and have developed lots of communication formats, this is one of the most used aside from phone calls.

So there you have it. If anything else useful comes up, I will publish it here.

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