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This…makes me ill

‘Secret worshippers’ critique churches

This just makes me ill… if you read this article, you will see that evidently church is becoming more commercial than faith-based.

Since when did one pick a church based on whether or not there were faded lines in the parking spots or there was a bucket under the sink? Seriously! If you are looking for a church based on trivial things such as if there is a little dirt on the carpet… YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE WRONG REASON! Now, I can understand the friendliness issue, I certainly find it hard to enjoy a church if I feel unwelcome when I visit but if the greeter doesn’t smile a certain way, it isn’t going to make me think the church is a failure.

The fact that this man is an Oklahoman and former pastor who is selling his services to churches shows that he is more interested in profit of the world rather than profit of heaven. If you need focus groups to determine why a church is losing members, it is becoming too commercialized. You need to pray and seek God A LOT more than you are currently. If the doors are open, let God send the people to the church instead of marketing it.

Mobile Microwave Turns Your Car Into a Kitchen – Switched

Mobile Microwave Turns Your Car Into a Kitchen – Switched.

You guys should read this….seriously!

Are you freaking kidding me? I already have to worry about idiots who can’t drink their mocha, do their makeup, and text their internet lover all while driving and now THIS? How lazy is our population? Good lord people, get up a little earlier!

I mean, I could see this being a good use for say, a trucker or for someone with one of those 3 hour commutes (psstt…move closer to your job) but what’s next? Are we going to have a toilet button that lets us pee or poop while driving?

Pill Popping

I am very concerned about our youth today after a quick browse on Yahoo Answers. See…I am taking Adderall now for my ADD and was curious about what some experiences others had when using it and what side-effects they may have reported. I did a search for “side effects of Adderall XR” on Yahoo Answers. I found hundreds of questions that went something like this: “My friend gave me an Adderall so I could stay awake in Algebra but now I want to take a codine to calm myself down, will this hurt me?” or a question like “How can I get a prescription for Adderall without going to the doctor? I love how hyper I get when I use them”.

What THE FUCK? Where are you parents? All of these articles are clearly written by pill popping high schoolers. I never had any idea that our kids were using so many pills with such an utter lack of concern for the drug habits formed from using FUCKING AMPHETAMINES!

What is the world coming to now?

A Letdown

Just got done looking at some announcements on GaiaOnline and it seems that after intense thought and meditation that they have decided to call their MMORPG or battle system zOMG!. That means fail. What a wonderful name for retarded children playing with swords that will soon turn into a porn room. I used to really like Gaia…but that is just…eh.