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WTF? – ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break

What the fuck? Seriously…you need to read this. I didn’t actually believe it until I read it. ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break.

Umm…if you sit on a toilet seat for over 2 years, so much that your skin grows around the seat and your leg muscles have atrophied…that is pretty fucked up. I don’t know HOW this woman didn’t die or how come no one reported it. The boyfriend seems to be a nice guy…he brought her food and asked her to come out and she wouldn’t.

My only recourse? ONLY IN AMERICA.


One is not like the other

I talked for many years about how much I wanted to leave Oklahoma and move outside of my little part of the world. But, for some reason I tend to like places that look just like my homeland does. Also, it only makes sense that we are actually able to move after we have made obligations that require us to be in Oklahoma.

Naming People

I just recently did some thinking and noticed a strange thing. I know 4 people named Jason relatively well and 3 of them are gay. I am not a homophobe but it makes me wonder if the name has any increased chance of belonging to one who swings the other way. Granted, my demographic is a very narrow one but I do not think I am any more exposed to this circle of people any more than the average joe and yet I have this kind of concentration. Perhaps further psychological investigation is warranted! 🙂