WTF? – ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break

What the fuck? Seriously…you need to read this. I didn’t actually believe it until I read it. ABC News: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break.

Umm…if you sit on a toilet seat for over 2 years, so much that your skin grows around the seat and your leg muscles have atrophied…that is pretty fucked up. I don’t know HOW this woman didn’t die or how come no one reported it. The boyfriend seems to be a nice guy…he brought her food and asked her to come out and she wouldn’t.

My only recourse? ONLY IN AMERICA.


  1. Starnum Said:

    Holy shit! Wow, that is screwed up. I couldn’t sit in one spot that long, and I can’t believe the boyfriend could let it go that far. I mean he doesn’t sound guilty of anything, but if I noticed someone was getting an ingrown toilet-seat, I’d have to say something. I couldn’t deal with that, especially if it was in my house. Well that was a very interesting article, thanks for the link. I can barely even imagine how such a thing is possible, but I guess it is, heh.

  2. Annette Said:

    What I can’t figure out is why the guy didn’t call the dang cops.

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