Pill Popping

I am very concerned about our youth today after a quick browse on Yahoo Answers. See…I am taking Adderall now for my ADD and was curious about what some experiences others had when using it and what side-effects they may have reported. I did a search for “side effects of Adderall XR” on Yahoo Answers. I found hundreds of questions that went something like this: “My friend gave me an Adderall so I could stay awake in Algebra but now I want to take a codine to calm myself down, will this hurt me?” or a question like “How can I get a prescription for Adderall without going to the doctor? I love how hyper I get when I use them”.

What THE FUCK? Where are you parents? All of these articles are clearly written by pill popping high schoolers. I never had any idea that our kids were using so many pills with such an utter lack of concern for the drug habits formed from using FUCKING AMPHETAMINES!

What is the world coming to now?


  1. Annette Said:

    Oh my God! I guess kids these days will just take whatever they can get their hands on. Makes me wonder what else goes on in public schools. >_<

  2. Starnum Said:

    Geez, how naive are you man? Kids have been pooping pills like candy since before we were born, it’s nothing new, just the drugs they’re taking. Believe me, I know. Also, it’s not hard to hide stuff from your parents. Just because they don’t know about it, doesn’t make them bad parents. Also, does the fact that they take unprescribed meditation make them bad kids? If you think so, then I would recommend you stop being so judgmental. You don’t know these kids or their parents. 😉

  3. Starnum Said:

    meditation = medication, obviously.

  4. argentsoul Said:

    Starnum – I wouldn’t call myself naiive, I know kids have been doing that forever, I knew many that did. I just didn’t realize how many did, the number of different questions about this sort of thing makes it seem like a full scale epidemic. In fact, I actually remember a new story they advertised on CBS where they talked about how the pill popping drug culture in the current generation is the worst in documented history. It’s not just me being foolish. It really has gotten worse.

    As far as the parents that I am talking about. I am damn right to be wondering where the parents are. I have seen many parents even in my generation who give two halves of fuck about their kids and therefore aren’t involved in their lives. Being intimately involved in your child’s life IS the job of a parent. Now, this is not to say that every parent who has a kid using pills is a bad parent, there are always exceptions. However, I really have seen a decline in the current generation (the one after us) of kids as far as parent involvement goes. Now, those of our generation have been surprisingly more concerned as I have learned from meeting people of our generation of have kids. It just seems like there was a disconnect between us and the generation after us.

    A child who takes a medication that has not been prescribed is BREAKING THE LAW, so yes, breaking the law is a bad thing last I checked. Now I fully understand people who may take a medication because they can’t get the current prescription filled. In fact, I have done this myself once. When my teeth were killing me and I couldn’t get my script filled because it was too late, I borrowed a loritab from sister in law who simply hadn’t used all of them since her last script. This is still illegal and I did feel a bit bad about doing it but I wouldn’t have been able to do anything but writhe in agony otherwise. This is VERY different than these kids who are trying to get medication that isn’t theirs for the sole purpose of getting high. No one can tell me that I should accept this and I will not.

    As for being judgmental, I agree. It is incorrect to judge others if I have no grounds but when it comes down to it, nothing I do will have any impact on those of which I am speaking. If it is illegal to have a medication you aren’t prescribed and are using it to get high, that is illegal. I can judge it as illegal and the law would agree. What they are doing is wrong.

  5. Starnum Said:

    So anyone who breaks the law is bad. I guess I’m a bad person then. I guess the law is righteous in every way. I’m not telling you that you have to accept anything. If you want to be judgmental that’s your business. You just come off as sounding goody-goody, which is displeasing to me, because I’m not like that. I hung out with the “bad” crowd, and I prefer to live outside the social norms for what’s right and wrong. I think the law and society put too much importance on trivial matters. It’s illegal for gay people to get married. Do you think they’re wrong for feeling the way they do? What about states where laws are different. So some things are okay sometimes, but wrong other times?

    If I’m going to say something is wrong, it needs to be a bigger matter, IMO. If parents don’t care for their children, that’s wrong. However, being stuck-up and overly strict is crappy too, IMO. I don’t want to be one of those parents who can’t trust their children, and goes raiding through their things when they’re not around. It’s easy to hide stuff from good parents too, I’m sure. I didn’t have very attentive parents, but I knew people that did, and they managed to get away with plenty.

    I don’t think “getting high” makes you a bad person. It’s totally possible to do it in moderation and be responsible about it. I think that with this and the parents, it’s a matter of each individual situation. I’m not going to judge them as bad for something trivial, without knowing them as people. I can think of things that are much worse to worry about. I just don’t see why you want to post stuff like this.It just urks me because it comes off as “holier than thou”, but whatever, this is your deal, you can do what you like. *shrugs*

  6. argentsoul Said:

    Starnum – This journal was never intended as a place where I would quibble with people over things. I believe that you, yourself, stated when I complained about one of your entries that “It’s my journal, I will write what I want”. I welcome your comments but not when they come across as frustrated with what I have stated for no other reason than you disagree with them. This is my place for my thoughts and you may choose whether or not to read it. Since you chose to read it, that means you can’t hold it against me for typing it.

    If coming across with intense concern for the demoralization of life as we know it make me a goody goody than label me all you want. A label is something others use to describe things in their minds, I don’t care what I am labeled. What I am addressing is the moral breakdown of the world where doing things like taking illegal medication that could KILL YOU is met with so little concern. I am not coming across as holier than thou. I never once stated I was better than anyone who did these things, I simply said I can’t believe that this isn’t being addressed. I even admitted to doing something like that myself even if I felt bad for it. Just because I stated I didn’t feel good about it doesn’t mean I am saying that I am better because I felt bad, it is saying how I felt, my own emotions.

    Comparing an issue like teenagers taking pills that are not legally prescribed (even making sure they don’t mix wrong pills and kill themselves) to the rights of gays to get married is utterly retarded. You CANNOT compare the two. It is only illegal for gays to get married because certain members of society have disagreements with it. I don’t have any issue with it at all and by them doing so, they are not harming anyone. However, if you take drugs you have not been prescribed and without the knowledge of a physician, YOU COULD FUCKING DIE! If not die, you still stand a chance of poisoning yourself or not being able to deal with side effects and causing harm to yourself or others. THAT IS WHY IT IS WRONG! Do you not see this?

    Getting high off marijuana is different than taking pills. I have disagreements with those who smoke it continually because they start to lose money on it and that endangers their families, it is bad when people start selling things they own just so they can afford to get weed and get high. I do have a disagreement with this. If one smokes in moderation and doesn’t harm others, I have no problem with this. Likewise, getting drunk from time to time is all well and good so long as you do it in a safe environment where no one can be harmed, especially your children. If you become an alcoholic and lose everything because you would rather buy booze than put clothes on your children, THEN I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT.

    I think the only reason you even started this tirade is because you know that you have done things like getting high, maybe even off pills, and don’t want your friend to judge you as a bad person. If that’s the case, understand I am not judging you. You are an adult and are welcome to do whatever you want to do that pleases you so long as neither your child nor your wife come into harm. If you start to put them in danger for what you do then you are damn right I will have a problem with it. Not only me but many of your close friends I am sure. Don’t let your paranoia over how your friends perceive you cause you to become so combatant.

  7. Starnum Said:

    First off, you don’t know where I’m coming from. It has nothing to do with me, so stop assuming shit. My motivations were for the reason I said they were. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. If you can’t handle my opinion, then I’ll stop giving it. You complain about me “labeling” you, but you’re doing the same thing with this post, labeling all these people as doing something wrong. Taking aderall won’t kill you, and neither will most other prescriptions, unless you OD on them. Now you’re just back-peddling. You said it was wrong because it’s illegal, so that’s why I made my examples based on that, now you’re trying to change your story. If you don’t understand that, then you’re the retarded one. I’m not trying to quibble with you, you’re the one who’s getting worked up. You’re too busy worrying about personal attacks to even get my point.

    I just don’t see any reason to get worked up over this shit. It is what it is, and nothing is gonna change that. It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re goody-goody or not, that’s how you come off, doesn’t matter how you try to spin it, that’s just how it is. So if you don’t mind seeming that way, then just keep doing what you’re doing and posting rants over silly shit like this. I’m not saying it’s a good thing what these kids or doing, or even that it’s okay. I just think it’s stupid to consider something wrong just because society says so, or its against the law. The law is good for a lot of things, but its not perfect. Yeah, you shouldn’t take non-prescribed medication because its dangerous, so underage kids really shouldn’t be doing it. However, you ranting about it isn’t going to make a difference, and in that sense it’s a trivial matter. I mean, if you want some stuff to worry about, I can give you plenty.

    You know, there’s a difference between me criticizing you in my journal, and you getting upset about it and posting in my journal, versus me simply giving my opinion on something you wrote. However, since you can’t handle criticism, then I won’t post in your journals anymore. You obvioulsy can’t understand where I’m coming from. I get that you’re concerned, but you don’t sound concerned, you just sound judgemental, in proclaiming what a bad thing they’re doing. Just so we’re clear, I actually agree with you. I don’t think they should be doing it either because it’s dangerous, and they’re not mature enough to handle it. Hell, even most adults aren’t. However, when you rant about it, it sounds judgemental. Like what a horrible thing they’re doing. I know we don’t agree on everything, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not, and honestly I have a hard time caring about people I can’t even put a name or face too.

    However, I’m obviously wasting my time here, so I’ll just keep it to myself next time. I’m just trying to challenge you to think outside the box of conventional thinking. Right and wrong are relative my friend. I just think there are bigger fish out there to fry. If I’ve said anything that offended you, then I apologize. It’s not my intent to insult you. I’m sorry if my frank nature is displeasing at times. It’s only because I care that I say anything, I’m not just trying to give you a hard time because I disagree. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with me either. I live by my own code, and if people can’t accept that, then that’s their problem. I’m not terribly worried about it. Anyway, don’t worry about responding to this, I’m done here. However, If you do want to continue this conversation though, then call, IM, or email me.

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