One is not like the other

I talked for many years about how much I wanted to leave Oklahoma and move outside of my little part of the world. But, for some reason I tend to like places that look just like my homeland does. Also, it only makes sense that we are actually able to move after we have made obligations that require us to be in Oklahoma.


  1. Synge Said:

    Perhaps you think you want change because you want to feel more adventurous, but don’t want to actually change where you are living. You have become comfortable where you are now and it would be strange to live somewhere drastically different. Why exactly do you really want to move anyway?

  2. argentsoul Said:

    I can’t honestly say that I really plan on moving, it just happened that being in Missouri reminded me of how I would like to live elsewhere some time. In the end, I will probably stay in Oklahoma as long as it can support my family.

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