Naming People

I just recently did some thinking and noticed a strange thing. I know 4 people named Jason relatively well and 3 of them are gay. I am not a homophobe but it makes me wonder if the name has any increased chance of belonging to one who swings the other way. Granted, my demographic is a very narrow one but I do not think I am any more exposed to this circle of people any more than the average joe and yet I have this kind of concentration. Perhaps further psychological investigation is warranted! 🙂


  1. Annette Said:

    That’s kinda like how just about every Jennifer I’ve ever known has either been a bitch or had some serious emotional/mental problems.

  2. argentsoul Said:

    *LOL* Yeah Annette, now that you mention it, I remember talking to you about this. Another scary connection…both of those names start with a “J” it has to be a conspiracy of some sort.

  3. Synge Said:

    It seems a bit odd to me to think that a name means anything about a person’s personality, let alone their sexual preference. It has always baffled me that one of the most defining features in our life is decided by people who have no idea what kind of person you will turn out to be.

  4. argentsoul Said:

    Yes, isn’t it funny how names are chosen? That’s why you are allowed to change your name if you wanted. I know that it is highly doubtful that the name means anything. I just pointed out the strange coordination between the two that I thought was an interesting combination

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